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References & Acknowledgements

I'm not a Zouk professional or even a particularly good Zouk dancer, so I have relied on the work of others to put this guide together. I have included references to the sources I have used throughout the guide, both as an acknowledgment of the work of others and as a way for you to find more information on particualar topics.

In terms of general recommendations for learning Zouk, I would strongly suggest finding a local teacher or group to learn from, reading stuff on your computer can help but only if you are also putting it into practice in real life. If you are looking for online resources, I have found the following to be helpful and they have all very much informed this guide:

Finally, I used the following tools to create the guide:

Lastly, Bartosz Ciechanowski is a major inspiration to me, and I have Bicycle open at all times when working on this guide to remind myself of what is possible.