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elastic, elástico, elastico, rau, raul, bend

to the front (elastic) from basic step. Be sensitive with the hair of the lady. Elastic in the close position from basic step (guy to the side). Elastic variation 1, looking to the front. Elastic without elastic. to the front (elastic) after a left turn holding both hands (left hand up, right hand down). to the front (elastic) and be behind the lady. Three possibilities after bending to the front (snake, up, cambré). after left turn and snake. after long right turn on the line + variations. backwards from left turn on the line and cambré. backwards from side step (and “indian doll”). behind the guy after a left turn (right up, left down) and snake. going backwards from lateral and going through the tunnel. Movements Raul Rotating elastico Simple Elastic into Outside Pivot into Dive with Bonus with Head Titanic from elastic. with chassé after a left turn. with Powerful Upper Movement into Snake Body Roll into Reverse Basic Step with upper body movement (Elastic with contraction or body roll) within basic within lateral within soltinho within viradinha