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Bate Cabelo

bate cabelo

Follower travelling backward Head Movement into Travelling Body Roll On the spot Shadow position Travelling backward


boneca, head roll

(Circular Head Movements) and Chicote Desprezada from behind into body roll From the basic step Hanging head movement (boneca) turning to the right holding both hands. Hanging head movement (boneca) turning to the right. with Passo Basico on the Spot


chicote, hair whip

from arms/hands From embrace From the hands From the turn Full Chicote with variations In the shadow position into Rotisserie into Tilted Spin Lateral


same as boneca? Clockwise and Counter Clockwise (Balão Apagado) in the Vertical Axis into Collar Rotisserie into Tilted Turns into Windmill Rotisserie with Tilted and Horizontal Axis Turns active on the spot active with steps passive on the spot passive with steps passive with steps Clockwise Balão/Circular Head Movement without timing


Diagonal axis on the spot Diagonal axis with steps Double circular active Easy head movements staying in front of the lady. Easy head movements. Fluidity Combo Head movements while turning on the spot to the left. Horizontal axis on the spot Linear active with steps Linear passive with steps on the spot (360°) + Shock with cambré. on the spot after “the door” and right turn on the line with head movements too. Passive linear on the spot Preparation for Head Movement Snake (Side to Side Head Movements) Speed up titanic, boneca, bumerangue and prison Toalha tornado arm thing Traveling/Balão Apagado Travelling passive Travelling passive head movement with contact on the back (and right turn on the line with head) Head movements - Cabeça Turn on one leg from lateral and head movement to the side (tic-tac) + head movement turning on the spot. Turn on one leg from lateral and tic-tac. Easy head movements after a left turn, turn on the spot and cambré. Easy head movements after yo-yo. Active linear on the spot Active linear with steps travelling Balão