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The Zouk Basic Step

basic, basic step, passo basico, passo básico

In Place Backward and forward Backward and forward changing direction Changing Directions aroudn Diamond/Balão Dancing the basic step in the close close position. Elastic Elastic and gostosinho from the basic step Feeling the basic step. Two basic steps backwards and wave. feeling the beat. Going Around A Square ?? Gostosinho Gostosinho with puladinho in place, linear (Passo Básico) and side On the spot On the spot changing direction Passo Basico “Gostosinho” with Head Movement Passo Basico balao Passo Básico with lock rotation Passo Basico/Básico, Forward and Backward Sainha Side to Side with Twisted Lock into Circular Cyclone with Spin Fundementals of the step, grounding etc.