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Zack's Brazilian Zouk Guide

Welcome to my guide to Brazilian Zouk! This guide is a work in progress, with new sections and moves being added all the time. The guide is written so that you can read it from beginning to end or search with ctrl+f for a particular move or concept.


The last few years I have been trying to learn Brazilian Zouk off and on, sometimes seriously but often with long breaks. During this same time, I have also been researching how to abstractly represent and visualize social dancing in order to better understand it. Most importantly, my girlfriend wants me to get better at dancing Zouk and stop trying to dance Salsa at the Zouk socials. So, this web page is the start of my attempt at a guide to Brazillian Zouk with interactive visualizations and explanations.

The dream is to provide a free and comprehensive guide to Brazilian Zouk, detailing all the moves, techniques, and concepts that make up the core of the dance, the sort of guide I wish I had access to now. The reality is that I am still learning the basics of Zouk and developing the technology to represent social dancing abstractly. For now, dancers are represented with only their torsos and heads, and particular sections and topics one might expect to be included are missing or incomplete. With time, I hope that all of the sections will be filled out and the virtual dancers will be rewarded with arms and legs. I won't claim the page is free of errors either, so shoot me an email if you see something wrong.

If you would like to be notified when the guide is updated, sign up for the newsletter here. If you would like to support this endeavor and discuss the project with others, you can join the lab and help figure out what the guide should include next. The mission of Zack's Dance Lab is to increase the number of social dancers around the world and this guide is our first public project in pursuit of that goal.